Bitsy (aka: Marya Zeleska)

Vampire Hipster.


I am going with Dracula’s Daughter…Marya Zeleska, or Bitsy for short. Lover of all things handcrafted and artisan and totally outside of the mainstream, because the only way we can survive in this world is to buy local and shun the corporate overlords that seek to oppress our creativity. Hopes you enjoy her panoplie…. Don’t you love these very “now” denim leggings and these shirts which are attractive layers of homespun Sheep’s wool and Alpaca, one of which advertises my business, Bitsy’s Kandy Kitchen in this very wonderful Sans Serif font?

She is a complete and utter disappointment to her father, Dracula, who wishes she would just join up in the family business of lurking in castles, wearing capes, and seducing nubile young ladies. Bitsy can’t roll her eyes back in her head far enough, (she will push her black Buddy Holly frames far down on her nose so you can see how far she is rolling her eyes at you)…that castle is far too drafty and doesn’t have enough reclaimed barn wood tables or mason jar planters or hand knitted afghans thrown on distressed futons and whimsical wall art featuring birds, and possibly giraffes. Tragic.

“Allergic” to drinking blood (yuck, gross, gag), ops to survive by drinking smoothies and eating gelatos which have been crafted using only the most “interesting” (a-hem) of ingredients, locally sourced and farm to table only (of course). Owns and operates Harmonia’s premiere hipster Soda Shoppe and Gelato stand, Bitsy’s Kitchen…. It’s entirely possible that the worst pies in Harmonia may or may not be made in the back room, and every now and again a fresh faced young man (with beard) may leave the Shoppe a bit paler and more anemic than when he came in, (with Harmonia’s hipsters, it’s hard to tell) but in general, you can’t find a better hand crafted, artisan, gluten-free Egg Cream in all of Harmonia, served in adorable Mason Jar’s with handcrafted reclaimed felt hearts on them, and also-Bacon. The Mekelbrau is fantastic.

Bitsy (aka: Marya Zeleska)

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