Bitsy Gets A Visitor!

It had been mere hours since Bitsy's Kandy Kitchen had opened when the well traveled stranger entered. His overgrown salt and pepper beard couldn't conceal the ruby redness of his cheeks, ears and nose tip, obviously victims of the chill Kartakan spring wind. He had the moist, earthy smell of someone fresh off of the road.

"Excuse me…I am looking for Marya Zeleska" the stranger exhaled, still catching his breath. 

Bitsy, never known to be shy, stepped forward, kindly introduced herself and asked how she could be of service. 

"Ah! Dear Marya! So very good to catch up with you. You have the intense eyes of a Heinfroth…that much is certain. I beg your pardon dear? Heinfroth? Why that was your uncle's name…Dr. Daclaud Heinfroth. He was a second uncle actually…on your mother's side. Regardless, I am sorry to inform you, but he has passed. Quite terrible actually. Murdered!  The perpetrator…or perpetrators are still at large. It was truly an awful scene. Someone..or something, judging by the amount of it…had defecated throughout your uncle's great estate. What a shame, to lose such an esteemed doctor under such horrid conditions. I am very sorry for your loss."

"Regardless, I have it on the authority of the Duke of Gundarak, the great Nharov Gundar that you are next of kin and hereby present you with the deed to his estate in Gundarak. The keep has been under lock and key since your uncle's murder. Here is a key to the lock and two maps. The first map will show you the location of the keep…such a lovely valley, and the second map is simply the deed plans. I hope you enjoy your new estate dear Bitsy. You may want to take some friends with you on your first visit. Not only has the keep sat dormant…as I stated…it is also full of fecal matter! Thank you for your time dear, now I MUST be on my way".   

Bitsy Gets A Visitor!

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