It hasn't been easy existing as good monsters in a realm that contains so, so many evil ones. Prejudice, profiling, discrimination…all constants in your daily life. You have felt the negative impact of your species in business dealings, community and most of all, personal relationships. Who would want to go on a dinner date with a ghast? Who dreams of snuggling up to a warm and fuzzy werewolf? Who wants to neck with a vampire (this assumes you are not using your dominate ability to score…Bitsy)? 

Lucky for you…since the time you were very young (ok, maybe not Discothep as he is well over 1000 years old) you have had each other! You have been close companions, the very best of friends and for some, the only family known.

This summer marks the 10th anniversary of your vacationing together. What started as a simple camping trip has turned into a tradition. Each year, you lock up the shops and set out to spend a week in the wilderness with your very best friends. For some, this is the only vacation you get each year.

Spring is near, and the discussions over pints of Meeklebrau on what forest, lake, river, mountain and/or lagoon to explore will soon begin!



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