What...Are You Chicken? Bro?

"All I'm sayin is that it would be a kick ass way to spend fall break…bro." Said Brock.

Trey responded "All I'm saying bro is that there is a ton of freaky shit right here in Harmonia. Why would we travel all that way just to see some stupid abandoned castle? Who cares if a vampire lived there…my friggin twerk instructor is a vampire! This is Harmonia!"

"Bro…I thought you dropped twerk?" Chet chimed in.

"No…it was close enough to the end of the semester…I just stuck it out. I need the credit or I will be at Harmonic Hall forever" Trey replied.

"Dude…bro…if you wanna hang here, then hang here. The rest of my bros, plus Molly, Stacey and Amber are going…we're going." Brock said, clearly losing patience.

"Stacey is going?" Trey delicately inquired.

"Ya Bro…Stace is going…and she totally told Molly that she thought you had sweet glutes!" Brock knew with this response…there was no way Trey wouldn't join them now. 

The conversation ended. The brothers huddled up, locked arms and started to chant their beloved fraternity name, over and over again. P.O.O.P. P.O.O.P.!

This would be the most epic fall break ever. Gundarak here they come!

What...Are You Chicken? Bro?

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